Supposing it Didn’t

Supposing it didn’t

I’d be in an alternate reality

My life would be complete

If I didn’t air on the side of caution

If I wasn’t so afraid

If I acted upon my heart

My instinct

I’d be with you

But hypotheticals are for dreams

And in reality I can’t go back and change it

Supposing it didn’t

I wouldn’t have left a tormented heart behind

We’d be happy


But reality knows this to not be true

And I would spend forever waiting for you

Except I know

You won’t come back

Because in your reality

I no longer exist

So I won’t wait

And you won’t come

And we will continue to exist in realities apart from each other

Heading in opposite directions

After colliding and causing an explosion of passionate chaos

Supposing it didn’t

Forever would mean with you




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