Day 14: Bricks

Stacked one on top of the other

Different hues of red

Creating levels upon levels

of large, strong structures

Housing people

People who have different stories

Different hues

But also built, stacked upon each other’s lives

Like bricks

We are built up and upon others

And others build us

We are all cemented together

Only torn apart by an extreme force

When torn apart bricks chip and break

They are no longer cemented to the same bricks anymore

That’s just the cycle of construction

We are also subject to wrecking balls

That break and chip us

Surrounded by ruins

Dust and smoke of the past swallowing us whole

We no longer are connected to the same people

When our bonds we thought would last forever are suddenly torn apart

No matter how strong the structure of our life is

It can be knocked down


However we rebuild

Cemented to another brick

Rebuilding a new wall

And the cycle of life continues on



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