Day 15: Friendship’s Power

Her eyes called for help

Drowning in her own tears

Stress enveloping her

Her spirit slowly eroding away

But a friend was there to save her


Her friend pulled her out of her sea of tears

Repaired her spirit

Brought balance back to her life

Friendship healed her


His eyes reflected desolation

Slipping slowly into an empty reality

Numb to the world and numb to himself

He felt so alone

But a friend was there to save him


His friend combated his forlornness with compassion

Helped him to feel again

Finally his body and mind were realigned

Friendship healed him


They were smiling together

She was floating on a cloud of pure ecstasy

He felt every ounce of his being and didn’t want to hide from it

They looked into each other’s eyes and saw the bliss that replaced the anguish

Their friendship saved them


The beauty of friendship

Brings harmony, love, laughter, support, and balance to life

It brings a smile to our face

A warmth to our heart

It can heal us

The power of friendship


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