Day 16: Painting Goodbye

It was a masterpiece while it lasted

You were painted true, sweet, and kind

I looked at you and always smiled

The perplexity of your painting drew me in

I would analyze the different strokes and colors

But I couldn’t decipher if I was in your foreground

So I have to say Goodbye

The colors of the painting began to fade

I am so sorry to leave

But just remember that it was you

You did this

Ruined the painting

You took too long

Tore the canvas

And now I have to make the hard decision

I am following my head

Because if I didn’t

The stroke of my brush would paint you back in the picture

Despite your aptitude for painting pain on my canvas

I’d be with you

In the foreground

But instead I am saying goodbye

to who I was with you

to who you were with me

to us

With you now in my background



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