*Day 17: Find Me

I’ve heard

I’ve seen it

All the movies show it

Musicians sing about it

But I have yet to feel it

Maybe I have

but it’s required

not created



I have yet to discover it myself

still waiting




With a strong need for change


If change is the only constant

then why is this unchanging

It hasn’t even been ignited




Will I ever find it

My mind always questioning

but I never get the answer



Please don’t leave me waiting

I’m alone yet surrounded

Drowning in other people’s existence

Yet I still have yet to find it

Is it out there for me

Are you out there?

No answer

Just left waiting

Wondering forever

leaving my question unanswered



2 thoughts on “*Day 17: Find Me”

    1. I’m glad you did, it is just so hard when everyone around you is in a relationship or they’ve been in multiple relationships while you have never been in one; but patience is a virtue, so I have accepted that I can’t rush these things and just have to wait for the right person to come along.

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