Day 21: Numb

I don’t feel anything

I’m numb




I thought it would make me happy

It numbed my world

Where reality was no longer

And ecstasy reigned supreme


But now it’s dark and cold

Trembling hoping to be numb to this pain

I’ll have to sacrifice everything else

Numb to the world

Or numb to myself

My skin is crawling

I need to be numb


I feel it rush through my veins

As my body slowly decays

into a state of numbness

Where I don’t move

don’t feel

No pain but no love

I don’t care

As long as I’m numb


3 thoughts on “Day 21: Numb”

    1. Thank you very much! There’s a family member that I’ve seen go through addiction that inspired this with his/her experience but honestly I relate to it as well even if I am not an addict. Sometimes I just want to escape the pain of reality by numbing myself to the world by detaching from everything.

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