Reaching Out for a Rainbow

As the tears clouded my eyes

And my heart pounded like thunder

I was struck by lightning

The electricity diffused though out my body

As if it already knew where to go

It circulated through me

And for an instant the thunder and the rain stopped

But as the electric current left my body

My eyes became cloudy again

And the thunder was even louder

I couldn’t escape the storm terrorizing me

As time passed the clouds began to dissipate

And the thunder silenced

The crimson rain that stained my face was wiped away

A wave of relief struck me

As I closed my eyes I felt nothing

Except silence

I slowly reopened my eyes and saw beautiful colors before me

It was a rainbow

As I reached out for the rainbow

My heart began to beat faster

My vision blurred

The storm was back

I didn’t want this

I thought I was free

But I can never escape

As I reached out for the rainbow

The vibrant colors began to fade

Until it was gone

The thunder roared

And the lightning struck me once again

Silencing the thunder

And I felt nothing


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