Downloading (2014)

Living life day by day

Not in the mainstream

Standing along the side

Wondering what have we become

Money driven

Seekers of social approval

Narcissism at it’s finest

The generation of selfishness

Broadcasting our lives to gain a following

Wanting to be looked upon with envy

Jealousy moves us up the ranks in social status

Where is the first encounter of a person

no longer in person

Instead online in a search bar

Consumed by social media

and the extravagance of it all

No humility

Just pure egotism

A competition of happiness and opulence

Yet it’s only a mirage

I don’t belong here

this is not me

I am no self promoter

or narrator of my life to an audience I don’t even know

I’m personal

I would like to remain anonymous

Appreciated for my words, not my face or lifestyle

I would like to remain a mystery online

For the sake of friendship

Eye contact

A handshake

An introduction

Awkward small talk

A conversation

A good bye

The giddy anticipation of seeing someone again

Have we forgotten

I shouldn’t be here

I will never belong


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