Existing (2014)

Time goes by yet you feel as if you haven’t moved

Your mind is blank

You question your purpose

Your importance

And the reason of your life

You feel like your life has no meaning

no value

You’ve made no impact

Just a rock stuck in a swift moving stream

Heaviness weighs on your body

But your mind feels weightless

I’m moving

But going no where

Doing but not living

Looking but not seeing

Why am I here?

I don’t understand

It all feels pointless

There’s no bigger picture

Unless it hasn’t been taken yet

otherwise I’m left undeveloped

Not framed

Just thrown to the side

I don’t want to feel this way

But I can’t lift the weight off me

I’m not alone

But I feel lonely

I am not contributing towards the betterment of the world

As I see our society degrading before my very eyes

I’m screaming but making no sound

I’m dancing but completely still

I am



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