Day 16: Painting Goodbye

It was a masterpiece while it lasted You were painted true, sweet, and kind I looked at you and always smiled The perplexity of your painting drew me in I would analyze the different strokes and colors But I couldn't decipher if I was in your foreground So I have to say Goodbye The colors… Continue reading Day 16: Painting Goodbye

Day 15: Friendship’s Power

Her eyes called for help Drowning in her own tears Stress enveloping her Her spirit slowly eroding away But a friend was there to save her   Her friend pulled her out of her sea of tears Repaired her spirit Brought balance back to her life Friendship healed her   His eyes reflected desolation Slipping… Continue reading Day 15: Friendship’s Power

Day 14: Bricks

Stacked one on top of the other Different hues of red Creating levels upon levels of large, strong structures Housing people People who have different stories Different hues But also built, stacked upon each other's lives Like bricks We are built up and upon others And others build us We are all cemented together Only… Continue reading Day 14: Bricks

Day 13: Five Seconds

  All it takes is five seconds Five seconds for an opportunity to be missed Five seconds that you can never take back Five seconds that could have changed your life And now you live in regret Having altered your destiny Because you let the five seconds pass And convinced yourself once again not to… Continue reading Day 13: Five Seconds

Day 10: Let Fear Stop You

I let fear stop me I let it hold me back from what I wanted I settled with a dissatisfaction in my bones Regret dwells in my mind And yet if the opportunity presented itself again I would say nothing Do nothing I would let fear stop me Why Because I am afraid And have… Continue reading Day 10: Let Fear Stop You

Day 8: Distortion

It doesn't matter what other people say Their judgments are irrelevant Because I am my harshest critic My sense of myself is distorted Even though I know this I continue to distort myself Look at that face Look at that body How could someone ever love you? But I dismiss these voices I try so… Continue reading Day 8: Distortion