Day 20: Let Me Go

The sound of nothing Is where you'll find me Submerged under water But not struggling for air It's peaceful here My escape My heaven My home No one can bother me I can think my own thoughts Not someone else's Just alone No one around me to cause misery Sorrow or pain I am happy… Continue reading Day 20: Let Me Go

*Day 19: Together Apart

When two hearts beat as one It creates music A harmonic melody Two hearts as one Stick through it all Tested by time But love isn't enough or is it? Once a believer but now a doubter There were two hearts together but now apart Separated by everyday life Every moment that passed Their hearts… Continue reading *Day 19: Together Apart

Day 14: Bricks

Stacked one on top of the other Different hues of red Creating levels upon levels of large, strong structures Housing people People who have different stories Different hues But also built, stacked upon each other's lives Like bricks We are built up and upon others And others build us We are all cemented together Only… Continue reading Day 14: Bricks